There are a number of Terms and Conditions that are applicable for South Australia's Low Carbon Entrepreneur Prize - read through them below to find out all the details.

Terms and Conditions South Australia's Low Carbon Entrepreneur Prize Wildcard Prize 

By participating in the voting for the wildcard entry as a finalist for the Low Carbon Entrepreneur Prize you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. That the details that you used to create your YourSAy account are true and accurate.
  2. That the account you used to submit a vote is a legitimate account. For example, it was not created with a fake or temporary email or Facebook account etc.
  3. That you have and will only vote once for each idea. For example, you cannot use multiple YourSAy accounts created using different email addresses to vote for a single idea.
  4. The Department of the Premier and Cabinet has full discretion to determine the validity or legitimacy of a user account.
  5. That the Department of the Premier and Cabinet will monitor the public voting and can, at its full discretion, void, discount or delete any suspect, irregular or multiple votes, illegitimate accounts or prize entrants with or without contacting or the consent of the account owner if it reasonably concludes that a person has breached any of these Terms and Conditions, that a vote has been submitted in violation of these terms and conditions or a person or an entrant has engaged in any improper misconduct calculated to jeopardise the fair and proper conduct of the vote for the wildcard entrant.
  6. That the Department of the Premier and Cabinet will have the final decision on the wildcard entrant and can reject the outcome of the community vote if significant irregularities can be identified or can be reasonably suspected.
  7. That the Government of South Australia is not liable for any technical difficulties or malfunctions associated with the process.

Terms and Conditions South Australia’s Low Carbon Entrepreneurs Prize (Part of the Adelaide to Zero Carbon Challenge)

1. About South Australia’s Low Carbon Entrepreneur Prize

Adelaide is aiming to be the world’s first carbon neutral city and we can’t do it without you. We want to boldly leap ahead of the world towards a low carbon economy, and ultimately carbon neutrality, in the way we live, work and play in the city of Adelaide.

To forge forward on this journey, we present to you South Australia’s Low Carbon Entrepreneur Prize (“the Prize”). This Prize signals the beginning of a global search for innovative ideas.

The Prize is the first initiative unveiled as part of the Adelaide to Zero Carbon Challenge.

We want to cultivate the best ideas and seed them until they grow into clean and green success stories in Adelaide. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, if you have the vision to make your idea a reality it’s time to join in.

A total prize pool of AUD$260,000 is now available for successful entrepreneurs and businesses to seed great ideas and turn them into viable commercial opportunities in South Australia. We are seeking ideas to make the city of Adelaide the world's first carbon neutral city.

We want to make Adelaide a test bed for innovation and to build global bridges with innovators across the world. If you make it through to Stage 2, we’ll invite you to partner with a South Australian individual or organisation to bring your idea to life.

The Prize will help you take an idea to the next level, to create prototypes and help get your idea to market. It’s all part of a broad vision to position Adelaide as the world’s leading city in low carbon economies, to enhance new-economy jobs and industries and export these products and services to the world.

2. Prize Criteria

There are a number of criteria that will be used by the expert judging panel to assess the ideas submitted. We’re looking for ideas that will:

  • generate new solutions for the City of Adelaide to become the world’s first carbon neutral city;
  • reduce emissions in the City of Adelaide;
  • improve the liveability of Adelaide and the lives of our community;
  • develop new partnerships, attract investment and create opportunities for local business, new economy jobs, and industries;
  • strengthen entrepreneurial and innovation capacity in low carbon technologies, renewables and clean technology; or
  • provide a catalyst for local action and behaviour change.

2.1 Eligibility criteria

To be eligible projects must:

  • be delivered within Adelaide;
  • demonstrate how it will reduce Adelaide’s carbon emissions;
  • be an original work; and
  • involve a South Australian entity as a partner in the delivery of the project. (If you need help finding a local partner, the Prize Team can assist).

2.2 Assessment Criteria to progress to Stage 2

Shortlisted projects will be assessed by a panel of experts and must meet the following criteria to be eligible to enter Stage Two:

  • The applicant must provide evidence of a local partnership;
  • Provide evidence of the potential to reduce emissions in the City of Adelaide;
  • Demonstrate how the project will deliver on one or more of the Prize Criteria;
  • Have the potential to achieve lasting impact;
  • Be original and innovative; and
  • Enter into a grant agreement for a portion of the prize monies with the Government of South Australia.

2.3 Original and innovative ideas

We’re looking for original and innovative ideas. All submissions must be an original work created by applicants who must have all necessary rights to submit the entry. The entry may be an improvement on another party’s existing design; however, it must consist of substantial new, original elements and only these original elements will be considered when being judged. Any existing ideas must be clearly denoted.

3. Judging panel

Judges will have expertise in business, entrepreneurship, innovation and carbon reduction to assess submissions against the criteria. The expert panel will be finalised based upon the type of ideas submitted and may be determined by the technology or solution proposed. The judges' decision is final.

4. The process

The Prize is a two-stage process. Successful submissions will progress to Stage Two, where the ideas will be more fully developed and, if selected, supported by seed funding.

4.1 Stage One – Registration and Submission

Prize is open for submissions from 15 March - 31 May. **IMPORTANT NEWS** Due to some online spaces publishing the incorrect closing date for the Low Carbon Entrepreneur Prize, we are extending the official entry period by one day to accommodate those that may have heard about the opportunity this way. Entries now close at 5pm on Tuesday 31 May, Australian Central Standard Time. Entry is via Applicants are encouraged to undertake a broad exploration of Adelaide’s carbon profile through the available resources on the website.

Stage One submissions must include a basic budget, a project proposal and details of applicants involved in delivery of the project.

Stage One does not require the identification of a South Australian partner but international and interstate applicants must secure a local partner in order to progress to Stage Two.

Assessment of ideas

The judging panel will shortlist Applications for further consideration and Applicants may be invited to proceed to Stage Two.

During this time, applicants may be asked for further supporting evidence of the capacity of the Applicant; a detailed budget; and a more detailed project or business plan.

Non-South Australian based Applications will be invited to secure a local partnership. Assistance is available to find a local partner through the Prize team. Local participation is a mandatory criteria and a pre-qualification for Stage Two.

4.2 Stage Two – Allocation of seed funding and project support

Successful Applications may receive a portion of the total prize pool as seed funding and/or further support to develop and implement their project. Seed funding must be used to develop a South Australian partner. In order to receive any monies from the prize pool the Applicants will be required to enter into a grant agreement with the Government of South Australia.

International and interstate representatives may be required to fly to Adelaide to work with local partners.

5. Eligibility

5.1 Who can enter?

The Prize is open to individuals with an idea that can help Adelaide become the world’s first carbon neutral city.

NB: International applicants or those based outside South Australia must partner with a South Australian entity (organisation, business, individual) or demonstrate their willingness to find a local partner to progress to Stage 2.

5.2 Who can’t enter?

  • Applicants outside of South Australia who are not willing to work with a South Australian entity to deliver the project.
  • Members of the Prize judging panel, the project Convening Partners or any firm or company that has been contracted to deliver services in relation to the Prize.
  • Public Sector employees involved with the Prize.
  • Advisers engaged by the State for the purposes of the Prize.
  • Any person who may be reasonably expected to have an unfair advantage through access to information concerning the Prize.

5.3 Conditions of entry

The following conditions must be met for entries to be eligible for consideration in Stage One:

  • International applicants or those based outside South Australia must partner with a South Australian entity (organisation, business, individual) or demonstrate their willingness to find a local partner;
  • Applicants local to South Australia do not require a partner to be eligible;
  • A representative from international/national projects must be able to travel to Adelaide during June-September 2016;
  • South Australian participants or partners must have a registered Australian Business Number (ABN); and
  • Applicants/team members must be aged 18 years or over.

6. South Australian partnership

The criteria for South Australian partners ensures that a portion of this prize pool contributes directly to the support of professional businesses within South Australia. It also encourages global connections between South Australians and the rest of the world.

7. Resources

The following resources are available from the Challenge website:

  • Carbon Neutral Adelaide Vision and Framework
  • Climate Change Strategy
  • SA Low Carbon Economy Experts Panel Report
  • Low Carbon Investment Plan
  • Carbon Neutral Adelaide Foundation Report by Pitt & Sherry
  • Map of the City of Adelaide boundaries
  • Information about City of Adelaide

8. Deadline

All applications to the Prize must be received by no later than 5pm on Monday 30 May 2016, Australian Central Standard Time.

9. Notification of Prize

Following the judging panel’s selection of the Shortlisted Applicants, all Applicants will be notified of the judging panel’s decision.

10. Abandonment

The State reserves the right, where it is reasonable and necessary, to abandon the Prize at any time.