Download the following documents to find out more about Carbon Neutral Adelaide and the issues, targets and research that is available.

   Carbon Neutral Adelaide 
   Foundation Report
   (PDF, 3.3MB) 



This report addresses some key questions about a Carbon Neutral Adelaide including:

  • What does carbon neutrality mean, precisely?
  • What would it mean to be world’s first?
  • Is it possible to achieve?
  • What are the key pathways and measures that would deliver this outcome most cost effectively?

  Carbon Neutral Adelaide: 
A shared vision for the 
world’s first carbon neutral city 
  (PDF, 3MB)


The Adelaide City Council and the Government of South Australia have established a globally unique partnership between a city and a state. We are working together to achieve carbon neutrality whilst driving economic opportunities and job creation.

Carbon Neutral Adelaide map (PDF, 5.8 MB).



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