We are inviting projects which, in addition to reducing carbon emissions, contribute to the liveability of Adelaide.

For the last five years, Adelaide has been ranked the 5th most liveable city in the world in the annual Liveability Ranking from the Economist Intelligence Unit which surveys 140 cities worldwide.

We’re looking for ideas that can reduce emissions and also make our city more liveable – it could be in our parklands, the streetscape and the intersection between the built and natural environments as well as cultural, entertainment and recreation opportunities.

For example, increased tree canopies improve the liveabilty of the city by reducing the urban heat island effect. In Adelaide, increased tree canopy cover has been shown to decrease the temperature of areas of the city by up to 9 degrees.

It might be you have a great idea about water, clean green food from our healthy environment or how to make our city more vibrant that will increase the liveability in our city while making a difference to carbon emissions.

Similarly, the Challenge aims to address the critical issue of climate change, but also to reinvigorate the Adelaide and South Australian economy, building its competitiveness and resilience in the emerging, low-carbon global marketplace. According to the Pitt and Sherry Foundation report (PDF, 3.8MB), the Carbon Neutral Adelaide strategy offers short-term benefits, such as energy cost savings and enhancements to the liveability of the city, but will also help create a sustainable long term basis for future employment and wellbeing.


Inspiring Creativity and Green Cities

A project to inspire behavioural change for sustainability - going beyond carbon neutrality.

After Hours Public Transport

Would having after hours transport OUT of the city make you more likely to leave your car at home on a night out?