Around 35% of carbon emissions in Adelaide come from individual transport use. We want to change the way people travel to and in the city. We’re looking for ideas that can:

  • Transform to a low emission public transport system including train, tram and bus.
  • Invest in, and encourage, cycling and walking.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of the vehicles, e.g. government vehicle fleet.
  • Accelerate the uptake of electric and hybrid vehicles.

What have we already achieved?

  • $2.6 billion has been invested since 2007 to extend the light rail (tram) network through the city and upgrade and electrify the Adelaide Metro rail system.
  • The entire Adelaide metropolitan bus fleet is powered by lower emission alternative fuels including gas and bio-diesel.
  • The world’s first solar electric bus, Tindo, was introduced to service in 2008.
  • Adelaide City Council established Australia’s first free community bicycle share scheme.
  • Cycling journeys in and throughout the city have doubled since 2003.

Learn more about Adelaide's carbon emissions from transport in the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Foundation report available in our resources section.


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