Around 5% of Adelaide’s total emissions come from waste that was disposed to landfill. We want to build on South Australia’s success in waste reduction. We’re looking for ideas that can:

  • Encourage building owners and developers to incorporate waste management systems that maximise recycling.
  • Provide new recycling services, including food waste recycling for apartments buildings.
  • Support residents and businesses to waste less and recycle more.
  • Improve the amount and range of materials that are recycled and the use of low carbon materials in the built environment.

What have we already achieved?

  • South Australia continues to lead the nation in both resource recovery and waste diversion​.
  • South Australia’s landfill diversion rate is Australia’s highest at 77%.
  • Resource recovery is also Australia’s highest at 2070 kg per person per year.
  • Enhanced Council recycling services and the Better Practice Guide - Waste Management for Residential and Mixed Use Developments are supporting higher recycling rates in city developments.

Learn more about Adelaide's carbon emissions from waste in the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Foundation report available in our resources section.


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