South Australia is the driest state in the driest nation on earth. It provides a strong motivation for us to adapt to a changing environment and we’re tackling the challenge head on.

We’re building on a strong base where, as a State, we already source 41 per cent of our energy from renewables, such as wind and solar, and are on the way to a new target of 50 per cent. In addition, our landfill diversion is the highest in Australia at 77 per cent and we pioneered placing a price on recycled materials and banning single use plastic bags long ago.

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Read about the Case Studies to find out what we're already doing in South Australia, in the areas of Innovation,  Leadership, Adaptation and Community Capacity.

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South Australia's 
Climate Change Strategy  
2015 – 2050: Towards a 
low carbon economy
(PDF, 3MB)

Low Carbon Investment Plan for South Australia 
On 1 December 2015, the SA Government released a Low Carbon Investment Plan for South Australia, a landmark document which sets out how the state will achieve $10 billion in low carbon generation by 2025.

Investment Attraction South Australia 
Investment Attraction South Australia’s mandate is to capture foreign direct investment - investment which creates high value-adding industries and sustainable jobs.

SA Low Carbon Economy Experts Panel 
The SA Government appointed a panel of experts to provide independent advice about climate change targets and objectives for the State to 2050. The Panel members were Dr John Hewson, Anna Skarbek and Frank Jotzo.

Climate Change Action Timeline - South Australian Milestones (PDF, 975KB) 
Find out how South Australia has been tracking alongside international and national climate change developments.

South Australia's Priorities

The State Government has developed seven priorities for South Australia’s future. These priorities are areas where we can make the most difference to the lives of everyday working people and the most difference to the future prosperity of our State.

South Australia's Strategic Priorities: 

The Strategic Priorities are:

  • Creating a Vibrant City
  • An affordable place to live
  • Every chance for every child
  • Growing advanced manufacturing
  • Safe communities, healthy neighbourhoods
  • Realising the benefots of the mining boom for all
  • Premium food and wine from our clean environment

South Australia's Economic Priorities: 

South Australia is a place where people and business thrive. The State's Economic Priorities are about:

  • unlocking our resources, energy and renewables  
  • premium food and wine exported to the world
  • a global leader in health and ageing research and services 
  • attracting students and commercialising our research 
  • a destination of choice for travellers 
  • growth through innovation 
  • we're the best place to do business 
  • Adelaide: the heart of our state 
  • promoting our international connections and engagement 
  • access to capital and global markets for small businesses.