Posted 30 June 2016

Climate change presents significant challenges for South Australia. South Australia’s Climate Change Strategy 2015-2050 provides a call to action to address the challenges of climate change.

One of the six goals of the Strategy is for the City of Adelaide to become the world’s first ‘carbon neutral city’. This is a joint initiative of the State Government and the Adelaide City Council.

Becoming the world’s first carbon neutral city provides a platform to attract investment to the city and the state, create opportunities for local business and build its reputation as a clean, green and prosperous city. Employment in green innovation and sustainable business will grow as Adelaide is embraced as a real-world proving ground for next generation technology and transport for the future.

To support the move to carbon neutrality, the Government of South Australia and the Adelaide City Council are developing the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Action Plan 2016-2020. The action plan will outline the current carbon emissions profile for the City of Adelaide, the key measures and pathways required for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the opportunities that exist for action and unlocking economic opportunities, as well as State Government and Adelaide City Council commitments.

The SA Government and Adelaide City Council want to work with all city users to achieve this ambitious goal. We want to hear from business, industry and people that live, work, study or visit the City of Adelaide about how we can work together to become carbon neutral.

Click here to have your say and get involved in how we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make the City of Adelaide the world’s first carbon neutral city.