Want to know more about Adelaide, carbon emission reduction and how you can have an impact? You can find all these resources in the links below.

Climate Change and South Australia

Find out what we're already up to in South Australia.

Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Check out the Carbon Neutral Adelaide downloads to find out what the issues and targets are.

Vibrant Adelaide

Adelaide is a vibrant city, with plenty to do and see at both day and night. Whether you want to find the perfect place to enjoy dinner with a glass of McLaren Vale wine, or you'd prefer an adventure to see our pandas Wang Wang and Fu Ni at the Zoo, there's plenty to love about Adelaide.

Challenge Resources

Some extras to help out with the challenge.

South Australian Firsts

South Australia is proud of the many fantastic firsts across Australia and the globe.

Adelaide to Zero - All The Statistics

In 2013, the City of Adelaide emitted 939,532 tonnes of greenhouse gas. Stationary energy and transport were the main sources of carbon emissions, contributing 60% and 35% respectively. Waste disposed to landfill contributed 5% of Adelaide’s emissions. Check out these stats and more to help you with your idea.