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Boosting glass manufacturing in SA

SA should be the first place in the world to ban single use plastic beverage bottles and have these replaced by glass bottles (or cartons or...

Electronic cars industry

With the demand for electrical cars ramping up (

Adelaide's Commuting Transportation

Hi there,
My name is Greg Pollard and I am in my 4th year studying Bachelor of urban and Regional Planning (Honours Degree) and am interes...

Barry Backman

No need to make life difficult by imposing restrictions that are not necessary .I ran out of time and could not submit as the page was looki...

Idea submission unsuccessful but no error indicated

When submitting an entry, the software responds -
"Whoops! We found some errors with your submission. Please review it below and then try a...

Organic Waste Disposal in CBD

Is there an organic waste disposal system in place for restaurants in the CBD? Working in hospitality made me angry at the amount of food th...

Hyperloop Australia

There has been a lot of talk about High Speed Rail and also about Elon Musk's Hyperloop. These proposals generally extend to Melbourne, but ...

After Hours Public Transport

Would having after hours transport OUT of the city make you more likely to leave your car at home on a night out?

Ideas a plenty

There are a bunch of great ideas on the OpenIDEO challenge that looked at renewable energy recently:

Inspiring Creativity and Green Cities

A project to inspire behavioural change for sustainability - going beyond carbon neutrality.