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Andy Chambers - 18 Mar 2016

Inspiring Creativity and Green Cities

A project to inspire behavioural change for sustainability - going beyond carbon neutrality.

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Andy Chambers

18 Mar 2016

Sustainability starts with behavioural change. Creating clean and livable future cities will require that change. As we move around the nation and collaborate with international partners in the climate change adaptation and sustainability space its evident to us that creative leadership and capability lives in Adelaide - it just needs a prod from our experienced and willing international friends along with a dose of willingness to change.

At Seed Consulting Services we will be reaching out to our state, national and global friends and colleagues to be part of what we think will present a collaborative but local solution to creating the best livable city in the world. Leading by design and implementation. Creating local solutions with talented people. Sharing with the world - guided by the best.

If you would like to continue this discussion or be part of a "Adelaide to Zero Carbon Neutral Challenge" get in touch with us through this forum and be a part of a local/global solution.

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