Air quality: A natural tactic


Converting paper wastes into disposable and biodegradable pots in order to cultivate natural cleaner plants.

How this will impact Adelaide's carbon emissions

This practical, natural and cost effective idea will help Adelaide’s carbon emission through:

1- Converting paper wastes into disposable and biodegradable pots.
2- Replacing traditional plastic pots with biodegradable ones.
3- Cultivating natural cleaner plants to increase air quality with less CO2 and higher oxygen concentration.

First part of the idea not only results in converting paper wastes into biodegradable pots but also reduces the amount of non-degradable polymeric (plastic) materials which harm our environment. The second part presents the ability of natural cleaner plants (i.e. Adiantum, Ivy, Aloe, etc.) in increasing the quality of air. It was reported that these plants have been effective in absorbing air chemicals and reduce pollutions (formaldehyde, benzene, carbon di-oxide, etc.). These plants may use indoor or outdoor.

Voting has now closed for the Wildcard prize. Stay tuned to find out which project will be the 11th finalist.


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Mina boroujerdi

25 Jul 2016

That's a great idea. Just think about how much paper wastes may produce daily. Seems its result need to be export to other states and bigger cities in Australia.
Have my vote.

Idea Creator

Javad Tavakoli > Mina boroujerdi

26 Jul 2016

Mina, Thanks for your support.
Your suggestion is nice. There is no border for outcome of this research.

Idea Creator

Javad Tavakoli

25 Jul 2016

Thanks Bill for your support.
This idea helps paper wastes to be converted to biodegradable pots, easily. Also just natural additives will be used for this purpose. No harm to our invironment.

Idea Creator

Javad Tavakoli > Javad Tavakoli

25 Jul 2016

Environment, sorry.

Bill Spragg

05 Jul 2016

I am tired of old plastic pots lying around after you buy a potted plant from a nursery. Fantastic idea if they sold plants in pots that could be composted rather than thrown in the rubbish bin or accumulating because they just might be re-used.