Battery Maximiser


An electronic device which allows the user to monitor the remaining battery life of a battery.

How this will impact Adelaide's carbon emissions

The Battery Maximiser idea is to design and build an electronic device to monitor and record the internal chemistry of automotive and industrial batteries. The device then checks the recorded data and informs the user of the approximate remaining battery life left in a rechargeable battery via light indicator. It aims to reduce the amount of rechargeable batteries that are disposed off before their useful life is over, hence reducing the amount of toxic chemicals that have to be disposed off over the course of the battery’s production and lifetime.

The device will have a 3 stage warning system. The first stage is a green light and means that the battery has more than 3 months before its end of life, based current usage. The second stage is a yellow light and means that the battery has less than 3 months before its end of life, based on current usage and that the user may want to prepare to replace the battery. The third stage is a red light and means that the battery has less than one month before it dies based on current usage. By making the user aware of the remaining life on the battery, unnecessary disposal of batteries can be reduced.

The Battery Maximiser device would be designed to fit on existing batteries and measure the batteries parameters. Based on the measured parameters, it will then compare the values to an internal database and estimate the remaining lifetime of the battery. Instead of connecting it to a battery and taking an immediate reading, it is designed to monitor the battery over time to provide an accurate result. If the existing battery needs to be replaced, the BattMax device can simply be disconnected from the old battery and attached to the new one.

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