Low-Carbon Heritage Toolkit


Low-Carbon Heritage Building Toolkit - a toolkit and implementation pathway for delivering smart Carbon Neutral Heritage Buildings.

How this will impact Adelaide's carbon emissions

Heritage buildings often define the character of the world's great cities. Adelaide is no exception; we have our share of older, 'pre-code' buildings with poor energy efficiency, many of which host leading organisations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

The Low-Carbon Heritage Building Toolkit will deliver practical carbon reduction solutions for older buildings in Adelaide's CBD and showcase Australian ingenuity and smart technologies.

The Sustain SA Team, working with the Government of South Australia, Adelaide City Council's Smart City Lab, the heritage community, building owners, occupants, and technology providers, will demonstrate to the world how to turn a significant problem into an innovation opportunity, creating new tools and skillsets for global export.

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Voting has now closed for the Wildcard prize. Stay tuned to find out which project will be the 11th finalist.


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