Drone Delivery Catching System

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A mailbox for your drone, allowing you to receive drone deliveries anywhere.

How this will impact Adelaide's carbon emissions

Our system allows drones to deliver to exactly where you live. Current GPS technology requires a drone delivery space approximately 10mX10m. This is not ideal if you live in an apartment. Our system gives the drone a set of eyes and the mailbox a set of indicators that allows the drone to deliver with almost millimeter accuracy. Drone delivery can significantly reduce the amount of carbon emitting delivery trucks on the road. Drones can travel line of sight, reducing delivery distance. Drones are not effected by traffic. Drones are powered by electricity that can be harvested from the sun. Drones can travel much faster than road transport. Drones can be completely autonomous reducing human error. Package delivery can be tracked via GPS that is on board the drone, giving real time tracking.
Our system comes in 2 parts. The delivery caddy and the catchment net.
The delivery caddy holds the package and has a downward looking camera. The camera looks for the indicators on the sides of the net and uses these indicators much like reverse GPS. The indicators tell the drone exactly where it is in relation to the net. From there the drone can move precisely over the net and drop the package. The package is stored in a lockable container at the bottom of the net until the owner arrives.
A typical scenario would involve the package being loaded in to the drone and the drone given the GPS co-ordinates of the delivery net. The drone would fly to those co-ordinates and peer down looking for the net. Once at least 3 of the indicators on the net have been seen the drone knows exactly where it is in relation to the net and where it has to be to make the delivery. The drone then moves to the delivery location and height. Before the delivery is made the drone will read the barcodes on the net to confirm that the net is the intended delivery location. The whole system is fully autonomous and completely carbon free.

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