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EcoCart delivers small goods to anywhere in the ACC area with online ordering and real-time tracking via sustainable transport.

How this will impact Adelaide's carbon emissions

EcoCart is an online and on-road delivery service that provides greater conveniences to ACC businesses who wish to sell and deliver goods to locally-based customers.

EcoCart is traditional transport meets new age technology. With continual growth in e-commerce and the pressing needs to reduce inner city congestion, EcoCart connects business and consumers in a seamless and enjoyable transaction

Member businesses can offer delivery of their products by using the EcoCart delivery plugin. Once the goods are purchased, the customer is able to track where their EcoCaddy rider is in real time and how long it will be until those goods arrive at their destination. When the job is complete a notification is sent via email or through the app.

EcoCart is a low carbon impact delivery service that will reduce white van congestion on inner city roads and reduce Adelaide’s carbon footprint through greater use of EcoCaddy’s electric powered tricycle fleet instead of petrol powered vans.

Users will have a slick customer experience which is now expected in the age of on-demand app services and mobile connectivity. Customers will be able to connect with businesses near to them supporting the local city economy.

Upon successful implementation of the service in the CBD and North Adelaide, EcoCaddy will aim to expand to other urban and regional areas. The long-term opportunity will be to scale the sustainable delivery platform to other cities around Australia and overseas.

Importantly the use of EcoCart would demonstrate to businesses and consumers the benefits of using carbon neutral transport. Users of EcoCart would receive badges the more they use the service to show and encourage behaviour to choose sustainable transport choices.

Businesses would be able to track and share how many carbon-free deliveries have been made. This raises awareness to incentivise other business to do likewise and think about their choices when choosing delivery services in the city. EcoCaddy would work with independent organisations to certify the carbon neutrality of the service and evaluate potential future carbon offset opportunities.


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