Electric Car Conversion


Convert a medium sized, popular, recent model, conventional petrol car to a battery electric vehicle of improved performance and practical range

How this will impact Adelaide's carbon emissions

Electric vehicles (EVs) directly reduce carbon emissions, since the SA electricity network is a lower carbon intensity power source than petrol engine output. EVs complement strategic long term plans for renewable generation and an efficient distribution network. As renewables increase generation capacity, EVs should be integral to demand regulation, charged during excess renewables generation

Voting has now closed for the Wildcard prize. Stay tuned to find out which project will be the 11th finalist.


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Harry Lawrence

23 Jul 2016

New EVs have much fossil fuelled energy embedded in their bodywork and delivery.
Recycling existing ICE cars as EVs and powering them with renewable energy makes a lot of sense.

Allan Fox

12 Jul 2016

If we don't reduce our carbon footprint, we are all doomed. Go electric, especially when fueled off grid with solar generation. Gets my vote

Noel Leonard

12 Jul 2016

Jobs and growth, jobs and growth they say.....
How about jobs related to the growth of electric cars right here in SA.... Got my vote !

Steve Rhodes

12 Jul 2016

I have viewed petrol vehicles converted into plug in electric vehicles at Science Alive and other community displays. These electric vehicles can be driven with zero emissions if charged from Solar PV installations or other clean energy sources. I would be very keen to see this vehicle on the road and at displayed at future community events promoting carbon neutral transportation for use by families.

Hubertus Jersmann

12 Jul 2016

This is what SA needs. Brings recycling, saving the environment, providing better air quality and job creation together !

Eric Rodda

11 Jul 2016

With the high price of commercial electric cars, converting a petrol car to electric is still a good proposition. Go Electric!

Peter Pfennig

02 Jul 2016

I agree. No reason why this should be any real difference from converting cars to lpg, in fact should be less of a deal than shoving a potentially explosive gas canister underneath. Certified trades etc. all depends on battery technology.
This appears to be an opportunity area that SA can explore simplifying a regulatory process for to enable small business growth.

Barrie Castle

01 Jul 2016

Very effective and inexpensive. I'd expect this idea to be very popular, given the prices of new EV's. There's an enormous variety of battery technologies, motor technologies & to a lesser extent, controller technologies. Every workshop, dealership & mobile unit should be empowered to do this & a massive amount of Red Tape cut &/or streamlined. In SA, the options are currently limited to DIY & very little else.