Emissions Reduction Aid RDE8™


Hundred thousands of lives can be saved by advanced thermal management of cars that avoids defeat devices and hazardous emissions.

How this will impact Adelaide's carbon emissions

• In 5 years vehicle CO2 emissions need to be reduced by 30% in most countries to reduce Global Warming. It is expected that this will make each car $3000 more expensive, the total compliance cost will be around $270 billion every year.

• Until the latest emissions scandals, Diesel engines were thought to be the cheapest option to reduce carbon emissions.

• However, Diesel engines are responsible for the biggest share of 1.48 million premature deaths worldwide that are estimated to be caused by road transport air pollution according to the World Health Organisation.

• In Europe alone the associated costs are estimated to be $151 billion per year according to the European Commission.

• Over 10% of Australians suffer from asthma which is only one of the diseases that is caused by Diesel emissions. This is one of world’s highest rates.

• Even without defeat devices the amount of hazardous nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx) that is emitted by Diesel engines when they are driven on the road is 7 times higher compared to the emissions limits that apply when cars are measured in the labs, according to the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA).

• This gap has increased with the introduction of each new emission standard. Therefore even the most modern Diesel cars are still emitting more than the standards required over 14 years ago.

• The biggest reason is that the top of the engine runs too hot. Until now, this was required to be able to provide heating in winter.

• The RDE8™ emission reduction aid runs the top of the engine much colder, heating is provided by the bottom of the engine which runs warmer.

• Running the top colder reduces NOx emissions by as much as 70%. Such a large improvement is possible because NOx emissions in warm start test cycles are up to 7 times higher than in the same cycle with cold start, according to a recent report from the German government that tested 56 Diesel cars.

• Running the bottom of the engine much warmer reduces CO2 emissions and fuel consumption by up to 6%.

• RDE8™ works efficiently on all engine sizes, from motorcycles to ships, with any type of fuel, and even with hybrids.

• Another advantage is that its installation on modern engines only requires small changes to be made to the engine control software and to remove the water from the coolant.

• This can save hundred thousands of lives.

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