Ettridge Micro Wind Turbine

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The Ettridge Micro Wind Turbine can be coupled with a solar panels on a house to provide electric generation 24 hours a day.

How this will impact Adelaide's carbon emissions

The Ettridge Micro Wind Turbine can be coupled with solar panels on a house to provide electricity generation and storage 24 hours a day, while using the inverter supplied for the solar panels, to reduce the overall cost.

The cost of, and the installation of the inverter, make up about one third the total cost of the installation of the solar panels, and effectively the inverter is only used around midday for about four hours, so if there is a wind resource, coupled to a micro wind turbine, the inverter can be used twenty four hours per day. The Ettridge Micro Wind Turbine is a rotary turbine device of the vertical axle Savonius rotor type with blades or sails attached to a base which rotates on a vertical shaft with an independently movable top cover with a wind shield or skirt attached, with two scoops attached to the top cover, to divert the liquid or air on to the blades or sails below for continuous 360 degree rotation using the surface area of the blades or sails and not on aero dynamic principles, for the first 120 degrees the air is acting directly on the blades or sails, for roughly the next 120 to 240 degrees the liquid or air is diverted by one of the over head scoops on to the blades or sails, and for the remaining roughly 240 to 360 degrees by the other overhead scoop to continue the movement of the rotating base in the same direction, the liquid or air is exhausted between the circumference of the round base and the bottom of the skirt, and in the area that there is no skirt, the liquid air will spill out from the lower side and bottom of the rotor, The top cover is controlled by a tail or mechanical means to face it in to the oncoming liquid or air.

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Bill Spragg

05 Jul 2016

We need micro wind generators to compliment the household PV. The inverter of the PV is a wasted resource for almost half the day so using it at night with a wind generator is an immediate improvement in utilisation of resource. Just need to keep the cost of the wind generator down.

Peter Pfennig

02 Jul 2016

I think that this is a really smart idea, potentially increasing the utilisation of existing resources. There are some things that need to be validated for this including noise and visual amenity.
Whether this wins or not, I want one or 3.