OSCA Bite-Size Solar Composter

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World’s first solar powered commercial composter processing organic waste into usable compost within two weeks using only energy from the sun.

How this will impact Adelaide's carbon emissions

OSCA Bite Size allows the equivalent of 12 households of energy (or over 430 tanks of petrol) to be saved each year through reduction in methane emissions. This does not include the added benefit of the reduction in C02 from associated trucking of waste to and within landfill sites.

OSCA Bite-Size is an automated, aerobic composting technology, which can be continually fed each day. The system can process a minimum of 135 litres of mixed organic waste every day, turning it into high quality, useable compost within two weeks. There is no energy input require, with OSCA operating entirely on energy from the sun and using new-technology saltwater battery storage, so that even on cloudy days the composter will function.

The system can safely be used on-site at schools and universities, shopping centres and markets, in apartment blocks and as part of sub-divisions, at municipal facilities or large organisations, at racecourses, kennels and zoos, in restaurants and food preparation industries, and wherever organic waste is created. OSCA Bite-size can process not only food waste, paper and cardboard, manure, garden waste, agricultural and food production waste, but also compostable and biodegradable packaging.

OSCA Bite-Size operates without odours, using carbon filters which can be rebuilt rather than replaced. It is quieter than a refrigerator in operation, which means it can be situated close to public places. The system is easy to use and feeding and emptying the compost can be undertaken by a single person.

The solar cells can be situated remotely from the unit, if the unit is located in the carpark of an apartment building, for example, or can be integrated on the top of the system if located in an open outdoor area. The system is completely lockable, so it can be secure in public areas, and includes safety features for automatic switch off when the doors or lids are open.

The system can be up-scaled for different waste amounts, and we have larger OSCA composters which can process tonnage of waste each week using minimal energy. The systems are designed and manufactured in Australia using Life Cycle Assessment principles. They are built to last, using local components, suppliers, services and labour wherever possible, solar power is utilised to build the units, and they can be recycled at the end of life. The OSCA Bite-Size system will have significant impact in terms of on-site waste recycling.

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