Peak Hour Transport Smear

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Increase the amount of public transport use by having the start and end times of work increased. From say 7:30am to 10am and 3pm until 6pm.

How this will impact Adelaide's carbon emissions

One of the issues highlighted by the report is transport.

A fairly obvious issue with public transport and transport in general in Adelaide is peak hour. Whilst peak hour traffic doesn’t affect us as much as other capital cities, to become a zero carbon city we need to have a lot more people using public transport, especially things like the trams.

However at the point when most people want to catch the trams and to some extent the busses they are full. So many people drive instead. Per person the energy use of someone driving their own car is far higher than if they catch public transport. Whilst it is basically zero if they are riding their bike, making the CBD a car free zone and only allowing bikes and public transport would likely be too onerous. The city isn’t designed for that.

Reducing the peak of peak hour traffic and smearing it out over a longer time period, such as multiple hours would allow for more people to have the opportunity to catch public transport and take more low carbon emission transport. It would help reduce the amount of time people spend travelling and increase their happiness.

Voting has now closed for the Wildcard prize. Stay tuned to find out which project will be the 11th finalist.


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