Solar powered charging station

Solar charging station 20160531

Public art blended with a public amenity, the mobile charging station will use renewable energy to provide charging facilities for mobile devices.

How this will impact Adelaide's carbon emissions

I am requesting funding to create a prototype for a solar powered charging station that can then be commercialised and sold around Australia and potentially overseas. My intention is for profits from the sale of units (after commercialisation) to be donated to a not-for-profit foundation related to renewable energy and/or carbon emission reduction.

My concept is to raise awareness and acceptance of renewable energy within the general population by infusing renewable energy into the public landscape.

The outcome - an informal method of education for the community and a better public understanding of the use of energy and its impact on carbon emissions.

A public charging station will help achieve this in the following ways:
The station provides a service of interest to local South Australians and visitors who own a mobile phone or ipad (approx. 80% of Australians*).

The units can be installed in public spaces and provide a free service to visitors, or they can be configured to charge users per service.

Whilst charging their device, the user is a captive audience and open to information available on the charging station (informal education) which may include:
- Interesting statistics relating to energy use
- Facts about carbon emissions and the State’s plans to reduce emissions
- Facts about electricity use
- Option for users to subscribe to a newsletter

A single charging unit can produce approximately 2kW of power per day, charging around 200 mobile phones. Hence the stations are intended more as an educational tool and conversation starter than a solution to significantly reduce carbon emissions.

Other advantages:
- Validates South Australia’s reputation as an innovative state with focus on carbon reduction
- Local design and production of stations = investment in education (UniSA partnership) and in SA jobs (advanced manufacturing)
- Opportunities to market the product interstate and overseas = supporting SA innovation and generating more jobs in South Australia

Features of the charging station include:
- Appealing, artistic and iconic, consisting of solar PV panels and battery.
- Can be installed in public areas – both permanent (eg. Rundle mall) and temporary (eg. Fringe festival).
- There is a great opportunity to install these units in schools, for use in teaching curriculum
- Service can be provided free of charge, or for a small fee

* “Mobile Consumer Survey 2015 – The Australian Cut” – Deloitte, 2015.

Voting has now closed for the Wildcard prize. Stay tuned to find out which project will be the 11th finalist.


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