Sustainable low-cost housing

Suscrete strategy

SusCrete will ensure that sustainable construction methods can be developed and implemented.

How this will impact Adelaide's carbon emissions

The assessment of the construction industry in terms of the energy efficiency of the industry, its performance and the cost impacts of new cement production methods and concrete materials needs to be researched in order to improve decision-making towards a more sustainable construction sector. For the optimization of the status quo, the following are SIC’s target for achievement:

• Reducing CO2 – The design of durable concrete for a sustainable environment must encompass the use of recycled and by-product materials, low energy requirement for cement production, low CO2 emissions from concrete production and ensure low incurred costs from maintenance.

• Durable concrete with longer service life and lower maintenance requirements using performance-based specifications and by understanding and adequately designing for the RC structures the service environment.
SIC understands that the sustainability requirements are continuously evolving and will focus on keeping in the loop of changing technologies through investing in R&D and collaborations with research institutes.

Four distinct key points have been raised to strengthen SIC’s focus areas;

• Energy and Environment: How can the cement production methods be improved to increase energy efficiency and decrease carbon footprinting throughout the construction cycle?

• Performance and Risk: How well do improved conventional cements and new concrete materials, which can be sourced in Sub-Saharan Africa, meet the standards and specification requirements for improved sustainability?

• Costs and Economics: How can greener construction practices and low-carbon cement technologies be implemented through new laws and standards in Africa?

• Decision-Making: How can the construction sector make decisions that optimize all factors under different construction conditions?

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