The Solar Lampshade

Solar lampshade

It's a normal lamp or light shade, except it has small and efficient solar panels on the inside that transforms your energy saving lightbulb.

How this will impact Adelaide's carbon emissions

It should reduce the households energy consumption ie two or three of these lampshades (providing they produce 12 volts) could power a television and fridge etc. with the aid of an inverter. The 12 volts are converted into 240 volts with an inverter. Hey, the lights could even power themselves once switched on.

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Barrie Castle

01 Jul 2016

Televisions, fridges, etc designed to run directly from 12V are now common in the market. You will not need an inefficient, expensive & unnecessary inverter to run these appliances. Unfortunately, the current requirements for even one of these appliances far exceed that generated by the type & size of panels shown above, even if every shade in the house were fitted up & the panels wired in parallel together. The lengths of wiring involved will mean you will also get a significant voltage drop, unless you invest in much, much thicker cable &/or a booster fitted just before the appliance you wish to run. Either method will result in substantially higher costs which will not be justified by the set up costs.