Treadly Bike Hire


Treadly Bike Hire will safely and efficiently deliver an affordable and accessible self-powered transport system for travel within the Adelaide CBD.

How this will impact Adelaide's carbon emissions

The bicycle is the most efficient way to travel under human power, and by not only offering an option for our users to do so, but delivering their hire bikes by cargo bike as well we greatly reduce the ongoing carbon emissions. Brompton Folding Bikes already have extensive environmental policies in place for the manufacturing process, and in doing so they have reduced the carbon footprint of a Brompton bike drastically.

The average TBH user will travel between 3 and 8 kilometres over the course of each day/hire of the bike. The manufacturing of our initial fleet of 10 bikes will have a carbon footprint of approximately 1.13 tonnes of carbon – we will be carbon neutral by the time our bikes have collectively replaced 5000 km of private car travel (or 10000km of public transport travel). We fully expect that we will reach that goal within 100 hire days per bike.

By partnering with hotels and businesses to make our hire bikes available to those holidaying in Adelaide or those who work in the CBD, we will decrease reliance on motor vehicle transport within the CBD. Office workers who currently use taxis to get across town for meetings can replace that trip with a human-powered one, cyclists travelling for work will be able to commute around Adelaide as easily as they do in their home city.

Treadly Bike Hire can directly affect the emissions from both the Commercial and Transport fuels sector under the GHG emissions profile, the largest contributors. Treadly Bike Hire will endeavour to become B Corp Certified.

Not only will TBH operate to prevent and reduce pollution under the Transport category, but increase the liveability of Adelaide and the greater community by providing a service to enhance their journey throughout Adelaide.

Works with key influencers to reach targets and effectively manage the scheme, to not only become a carbon neutral business, but waste reduction through reuse, recycling and policies to become zero landfill business. TBH is a key part towards emissions-free urban mobility, making Adelaide more accessible with direct use of cycling infrastructure and measures to making the city more attractive for cycling.

With a very quick start-up period, that will and is already using innovation and technology to succeed as a business. Not only is it socially beneficial but also co-beneficial through connections established with other businesses and departments in Adelaide to attract a broad range of demographics.

Voting has now closed for the Wildcard prize. Stay tuned to find out which project will be the 11th finalist.


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Roger Coats

06 Jul 2016

Great idea but difficult to compete with the heavily subsidised free bike scheme run by Bike SA which is proving to stifle private enterprise.

Idea Creator

Samuel Neeft > Roger Coats

06 Jul 2016

Treadly has had plenty of tourists and residences show interest in our proposal due the choices and lack Bike hire options in Adelaide that provide quality and service.