Zero Carbon APartments (ZCAP)

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Australia’s first zero carbon city apartments, at an affordable price, using an innovative design, technology, and finance model.

How this will impact Adelaide's carbon emissions

The Residential Sector currently accounts for 40% of the Adelaide CBD carbon footprint. Our idea eliminates carbon emissions from medium to high density residential development and therefore if fully commercialised will make a dramatic contribution to Adelaide’s target of zero carbon living.

Watch the short Finalist video


Voting has now closed for the Wildcard prize. Stay tuned to find out which project will be the 11th finalist.


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Valdis Dunis

13 Jul 2016

Voted for it too!

Richard Early

12 Jul 2016

Voted and shared

Keith Noble

12 Jul 2016

Great idea lets get it happening .

Tom Moore

11 Jul 2016

Great innovation, hope others are taking note.

Jane Cobb

11 Jul 2016

This kind of innovation is what we need in Adelaide. Great work

Chris Bulligan

10 Jul 2016

This is fabulous, we need more of it.

Ben O'Callaghan

08 Jul 2016

What a great idea. We need more showcases like this to lead the way. This gets my first Vote.