Zero Carbon - Energy for Free

Low carbon 1

Storing surplus solar and wind energy in a molten medium incorporated in a thermal energy storage system and releasing it as electricity and heat.

How this will impact Adelaide's carbon emissions

The State Government’s electricity demand of 481GWh p.a. is met by a mix of fossil fuels, solar (PV), wind and imports, as is the rest of the State.

In 2012/13 fossil fuels supplied 65% of the State’s demand with periods of renewables being surplus to demand. Introducing the thermal energy storage system (TESS) at a number of the State’s Adelaide sites can render Adelaide’s electricity demand carbon free within 5 years. But why stop at Adelaide when the State can be rendered carbon free within 10 years.

Voting has now closed for the Wildcard prize. Stay tuned to find out which project will be the 11th finalist.


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